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The Posthumous George Cross for DC Stephen Oake debate continues...

Many thanks to You're nicked! for pointing the below out on his post Sign The Pledge.

Give D.C Stephen Oake A Posthumous George Cross is a petition on the government's own site, currently signed by over 1600 people. The deadline for signing this petition is 15 February 2007.

The petition has been lodged by Dave Brettell. He explains the reasons as to why he has created the petition :

The recent decision by the George Cross Committee not to award a posthumous George Cross to D.C Stephen Oake has outraged many in UK society. Many press commentaries have included the views of members of the general public who are disgusted at this outrageous decision. Indeed, many current and former members of the police service are considering returning their own medals in protest at the decision. This decision has come at a time when the UK is facing a challenge unseen since the Second World War. It is also a time when more and more elements of the criminal fraternity are prepared to arm themselves, and we are seeing greater numbers of police officers being injured or killed as a consequence of this. We petition the Prime Minister to intervene in this case and reverse this decision. This award will honour this brave and dedicated officer’s memory. It will show his family that the ultimate sacrifice he made has not been forgotten by his colleagues and those he was sworn to protect. It may also go some way towards improving the morale of a traditionally un-armed service that continues to serve the public with skill, dedication and determination in such trying times.

If you sign the pledge, you'll get an auto-generated email sent to the email address you've registered with on signing. In-order for your signature to count you need to click the link in the auto email. Please ensure you look out for the auto email, it may get filtered off to a junk folder or something similar...

There's also a specific warning to people who use hotmail email accounts, it would appear that hotmail doesn't recieve the authorisation email, so it would seem best to use an alternative if possible.

Please, please, please ensure you click the authorisation code or your vote won't count.

Whether the government will actually act on this Posthumous George Cross For DC Stephen Oake request is a matter of opinion, but at least we'll all have tried our best to get our voices heard.

If you want to forward the link to as many people as possible the direct URL for the petition is :

Still No Gong For DC Oake
DC Stephen Oake

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